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Door- and window manufactures


Our line of IPA System Fittings is absolute high quality, every year we deliver millions of fittings to our customers and we know exactly what is needed for the weather conditions in Scandinavia. IPA System outer fittings with hot dip galvanized surface are a perfect answer to coastal living.


IPA System Fittings with high flexibility:

 IPA System Fittings are designed for one wood profile and is probably the largest and most efficient range of architectural ironmongery for one profile. This unique System makes is easy for producers to switch from one window type to another still use the same IPA System Groove. IPA System Fittings secure an efficient and flexible production in your factory.


IPA Warehouse:

IPA System Fittings is on stock and we secure high quality in our deliveries. With very short notice we are able to pack even large orders of hardware and prefer to have a close communication with our costumers – the more we are able to plan our deliveries the better service we are able to provide.


IPA support team:

IPA is always ready to support you with a team of highly trained employees – we are always ready to guide our customers to the best and most efficient solution. A team of engineers is also ready to support you with technical drawings, test of ideas and development of customized solutions.


If you have questions – don’t hesitate to call us!