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IPA Test Center

Even though IPA har many years of experience with constructing and manufacturing fittings for the door - and window industry, testing of the fittings are carried out on an ongoing basis. IPA has it's own testing center for hinges, window fittings and other fittings.

All new products as well as products which have been undergoing changes are tested according to DS/EN 13126 and DS/EN 1935.

In our IPA Test Center we are able to perform mechanical tests according to DS/EN 1627-30 and BS 7950, and also tests of security fittings, when used in connection with cleaning procedures as described in DS/EN 14351-1.

The test, that IPA are making, are only guiding and for internal use in relation to our ongoing quality contral. We can offer to make these kind of tests for our customers. This means that you can make a trial test before having the costly testing done with the approved test centers.

In the IPA salt spray testing chamber different surface treatments are tested. Products are taken from production to tests on a continuous basis. The test is performed according to EN ISO 9227 with a duration of up to 500 hours. The surfaces are continuously checked during the test according to EN ISO 10289. This is done to ensure that the products as a minimum lives up to corrosion class 4 according to EN 1670.

IPA Test Center - Picture